Video games have gone from being something kids play to big business.

A portrait of world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, famous for her bizarre creatures.

In this dazzling and colourful programme, Sir David Attenborough reveals two of his greatest passions, Birds of Paradise and the art of bird illustration.

In the early 1990s Paul Keating's Labor government put Aboriginal reconciliation high on the agenda, establishing the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation in 1991 then following up the High Court'

PHOTO FINISH is a unique series where amateur photographers compete head-to-head in themed photographic challenges.

Bill Peach retraces the steps of the Australian Explorers in a ten part documentary series with re-enactments, the difficult feats and the proudest moments of these famous early Australians.

In September 1915 a patriotic young Australian journalist named Keith Murdoch visited the Anzac battlefield at the Dardanelles where, just weeks before, thousands of Australian and British soldiers

In Painting Australia six prominent Australian landscape painters take us to their favourite locations, those often hidden and secret places that inspire their work and ignite their passion.

This four part series examines four emotions in detail, from their evolutionary origin, to how the emotion is regulated by the body's own drug factory.

Doctors Joanne Stone and Keith Eddleman of Mt.