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Follow 10 characters, including Dacre Smyth, a 21-year-old Australian Gunnery Control Officer, through the dramatic 10-day countdown to D-Day and the beginning of the end of World War II.

100 Years: The Australian Story traces the big themes in twentieth-century political history, from 1901 to 2001.The intriguing tale of the Australian nation: an epic saga of power and politics.

Geoffrey Robertson presents a unique story of real Australian heroes.

A scientific odyssey devoted to one of the natural world's great survivors, the coral reef - animal survivors unchanged after 50 million years under the sea.

30 Years after the dismissal of the Whitlam government by Sir John Kerr, The 7.30 Report reflects on the dramatic events of November 11, 1975 and talks at length to the two central political player

A half-hour special looking at the seriousness of the Asian financial crisis of January 1998 with interviews with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, David Hale and Kenichi Ohmae.

In a complex debate over the way we're raising and educating children these days, one pattern is inescapable.

Authorities trial 'Circle Court' for Aboriginal punishment.

For the first time in 35 years Lake Eyre in Central Australia is filled with life giving water.

Australia faces a population explosion of 60 per cent or more over the next four decades.

More than one in a 100 Australians will be affected by schizophrenia at some time in their lives.

Reporter Kerry O'Brien introduces fresh claims on tobacco industry practices in the '90s in its attempts to limit future liability over the health effects of smoking.

Be very afraid. This is an unforgettable journey of horror and fascination.

Live coverage of Remembrance Day at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra in 1998, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice at the end of World War I.

In February 2006 Australia's media was rocked by a headline, Skeleton Man Found In Housing Commission Flat. The man had died 6 months before, and all that remained was his skeleton.

Don't know your biennale from a triennale? Can't tell your old media from your new? Are notions leaving you baffled?

A ground-breaking 6-part series which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the office of the New South Wales State Coroner.

A little girl is born with a tail that expresses her emotions.

An insightful portrait of Aboriginal people in Central Australia in the 1960s, highlighting their experience of racial discrimination and their integration in non-Aboriginal society.

2012 marks the 45 year anniversary of a crucial moment of national decision - the 1967 Referendum.

A 3-year odyssey of 13 black cricketers and the white men who encouraged their skills, and their love of the game of cricket.

Perpetual motion is the holy grail of science. It has sent many an obsessive and eccentric inventor to madness and suicide.

Charismatic astronomer Greg Quicke (aka Space Gandalf) takes us on the ultimate guided tour of the southern sky, revealing unseen connections between the everyday world around us and the stars abov

The story of how the greatest ballet company of the 20th century - the celebrated Ballets Russes - came to Australia and awoke a nation, transforming the cultural landscape of the conservative 1930

Every year, 46 million women worldwide choose to have a termination. It's a decision they will live with for the rest of their lives.

This observational five-part documentary follows the lives of students during their training at Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

Year 9 students at Geelong Grammar School's Timbertop campus in the Victorian Alps undergo the first year of a world-first experiment in education.

A fun series of 5 minute video episodes of Australians with innovative careers; it's about people who love their work, and how they got into it, often with twists and turns along the way!

ABC Journalists from the 7.30 Report asks some prominent Australians what advice and wisdom they would give their younger selves.

The definitive account of the war in Afghanistan from a uniquely Australian perspective. The series explores the successes and failures of the war and how the war on Terror has changed our lives.

Still the rain falls and for an astonishing third year in a row the outback rivers flow all the way to Lake Eyre.

This is an intimate portrait of a community building a future after the disaster of losing its past.

In the light of September 11 and the Bali bombing, Australia is reassessing its strategic and security focus.

While the Vietnam War raged, senior political leader Charles Tran Van Lam recorded his family's domestic life on his Super 8 camera.

'All the Way with LBJ' was a slogan that came to haunt

What if you were highly intelligent, but remained trapped within a disorder that made others see you as inarticulate, odd or disabled?

The Amazing House is where four friends explore the sounds of letters be going on exciting adventures.

Lose your job in Australia and there's a good chance there will be a safety net to catch you. The Newstart allowance, Medicare benefits, along with other programs provide help.

This is a fascinating journey behind the scenes of John Bell's acclaimed production of Shakespeare" Hamlet, from first rehearsal to opening night.

This story is the result of a visit by Andrew Denton to Gallipoli in 2006 for ANZAC Day, 25 April.

This lecture is named in honour of Andrew Olle, the well-known ABC broadcaster who died of a brain tumour in 1995.

What does it feel like to lose your mind and can you get it back again?

This series looks at the big seven domestic animals, dog, cats, horses, pigs, cattle, sheep and goats.

This valuable and insightful presentation by Australian artist Annette Bezor, about her art, speaks eloquently to a wide audience about the cultural issues and social mechanisms of gender, sexualit

Don't miss the ABC broadcast - order your copy now! 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the departure of the first Australian and New Zealand troops to serve in WW1.

The Anzac Day marches from past years may be ordered on DVD for each capital city upon request as 'a lasting memento' of each year's significant commemorations.

The apology in Federal Parliament to the Stolen Generations of Australia, by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was a defining moment in the nation's history.

Hetti Perkins, senior curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, shares her knowledge of - and passion for - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander a

In this three part series, a diverse group of outstanding contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists reveal to pre-eminent curator Hetti Perkins how their art practice is driven by

A fascinating four-part series that goes behind the closed doors of the Australian Art Auction world to meet the key players who buy and sell art in the ferociously competitive art scene.

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