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Outland is a comedy series about a gay science fiction fan club and the lives, loves and never-ending dramas of its members. These five individuals are forced to meet in each other's homes after they are unceremoniously evicted from a larger science fiction club. This new intimacy reveals parts of their lives that are far too personal for a club meeting. Every meeting collapses into chaos as the weaknesses within the group are exposed.

Relationships are destroyed and hilarity ensues as secrets and skeletons come crashing out of the closet. As the meetings become more unstable, a decision has to be made - are they willing to come out as a group or is it time they went their separate ways? Will science fiction save them all?


Kevin Carlin
Andrea Denholm, Laura Waters
John Richards, Adam Richard
Princess Pictures

Awards / Reviews

2011 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - Audience Award