Building Greener Cities

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Building Greener Cities




Cities are one of our greatest inventions, they bring us together and drive wealth - but as more of us flock to live and work in them, we need to find ways to make them greener, more sustainable and efficient places to live.

Physicist Dr Niraj Lal explores some of the engineering solutions driving change. To see how we’ll keep our growing population moving he visits the construction site of the largest public transport system ever undertaken nationally and discovers how engineers are finding ways to replace concrete - one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the world – with greener alternatives.

Building greener cities is about making them resilient, productive and sustainable now, and for future generations. New materials are offering greener alternatives, but sometimes, you have to go back to the beginning. Timber. Daramu House is one of a handful of multi-story engineered timber office blocks in the country - the entire office block from the first floor up is made of engineered timber - no concrete or steel in sight. The engineered timber is made from sustainable softwood plantations - a renewable material that offers a carbon responsive opportunity to developers.

But it's not just the macro engineering that is helping us to build greener cities, but also micro innovations. With our skylines dominated by tall buildings, the resources required to maintain them - including keeping the windows clean - comes at a very high cost. Self-cleaning glass was hoped to be the answer, although to date the durability of the material has been a problem. But now a new invention might have the answer.

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