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Addicted to Money



ADDICTED TO MONEY is THE program for anyone who wants to know how the financial crisis came about, what it all means for us now, and what we can do to create a truly sustainable future.

Biting and punchy, here is a survival guide for the New Economy, presented with the wit, charm and incisive appeal of David McWilliams: a young economist with access to the most influential and powerful players in the global economy.

In the first episode, WHO KILLED THE ECONOMY?, we trace the roots of the global financial meltdown and see how an easy credit monster was unleashed that transformed society and took over our lives.

In NOWHERE TO HIDE, we travel to the far ends of the globe, witnessing the fallout on people and businesses and discover that because of the intricate links in the global economic chain, events in one country can have massive ramifications in another seemingly unrelated country.

In PEAK EVERYTHING, we look beyond the economic crisis to find out what we all must do to create a truly sustainable global system, since we've reached the limits of what our desires demand of the planet and what it can deliver.

Presented by David McWilliams, an economist, broadcaster, writer and 'Young Global Leader' at the 2007 World Economic Forum and featuring interviews with Economic Advisor to the Obama Administration, Robert Reich, Nobel Laureate for Economics, Robert Solow, and renowned Population Expert, Paul Ehrlich.


Simon Nasht
Andrew Ogilvie
Andrea Quesnelle, Andrew Ogilvie
David McWilliams
David McWilliams, Simon Nasht
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