ABC Commercial brings acclaimed slate of new TV formats to MIPFORMATS 2019

ABC Commercial brings acclaimed slate of new TV formats to MIPFORMATS 2019


ABC Commercial will once again present an acclaimed and award-winning slate of new television formats across Factual and Children’s Entertainment at MIPFORMATS 2019 in Cannes.

Here’s a preview of what we have in store for this year’s market:

YOU CAN’T ASK THAT (Factual Entertainment)
You Can’t Ask That is an innovative, original format offering audiences an intimate glimpse into the lives of people we rarely get to hear from. Featuring participants from all walks of life, each episode focuses on a minority or sub-cultural group (including people of short stature, Muslims, sex workers, transgender people, ex-reality TV stars and more) and asks frank and often confronting questions, sourced from the public. Interviewees answer in their own words with candour and humour.

Winner of the European Broadcast Union’s prestigious Rose d’Or award and last year, celebrated as the ‘Best Program’ at the Iris Awards in Spain, this heartfelt and innovative series has seen 16 international versions already broadcast or put into production, a testament to the power and flexibility of the format – now the ABC’s most successful ever.

Australians share their country with one of the world’s most beautiful and industrious creatures – bees. Under threat across the world, Australia remains a safe haven for these fragile creatures. In this uplifting new format, an inspirational host guides four families as they compete against one another with the help of experts and cutting-edge science to build thriving hives that produce delicious honey.

ALLERGY CLINIC (Factual Entertainment)
One in five adults suffer hay fever. One in ten children now have a food allergy. Hospitalisations due to anaphylaxis – the most extreme and deadly kind of allergic reaction – are quadruple what they were just two decades ago. In this fascinating format, scores of ordinary people who live with all kinds of allergies – from the rare, to the miserable, to the potentially deadly – meet with leading immunologists, to put their condition under the microscope.

HOW TO DO STUFF GOOD (Children’s Entertainment)
Funny, spontaneous and engaging, this exciting new format is here to teach kids how to do stuff…good! Hosted by a zany bunch of school-aged kids, each with their own story to tell and lesson to impart, this hilarious series demonstrates how to do all manner of amazing things, from making beautiful burger pancakes to tricking parents with coffee spill pranks!

ADVICE TO MY 12-YEAR-OLD SELF (Children’s Entertainment)
Featuring a host of funny and inspiring people including prominent politicians, athletes, academics, activists, performers and artists, this rousing new format sees famous faces outline the advice they would give to their younger selves now if they could, and how they use their influence and experience to change the world for the better today.

NANOGIRL AND THE IMAGINAUTS (Children’s Entertainment)
In this extraordinary new children’s format based on the science experiments featured in Dr Michelle Dickinson’s acclaimed stage show, children are given a word associated with an experiment and are asked to come up with a story about how that experiment works. Giving kids the chance to engage in the ancient Māori tradition of pūrākau – the passing down of knowledge through legends and stories – this inspiring new format sees Dr Dickinson (aka Nanogirl) guide little ones on their scientific journeys, offering fun and exciting insights into how the world around us works.

Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions is an imaginative new children's format, presented by Ed Petrie and his cactus companion, Oucho! The series encourages school aged kids to send in their own designs for inventions they’ve dreamt up at home through a nationwide Invention Competition. Ed and Oucho then travel across the country in their amazing ‘Invention Van’ filled with all manner of nifty junk, ready to turn these crazy ideas into reality!

To learn more, check out ABC Commercial’s full programme catalogue or visit us during the market in Cannes on stand # P-1.B89.

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