Content Sales - Digital

ABC Content Sales - Digital licenses content to digital platforms both domestic and international.
We have the largest digital rights-cleared catalogue in Australia - (ABC & 3rd party content combined) and represent the #1 preschool brand in Australia "ABC for Kids"
The team is renowned for technical leadership having:-

  • built a digital asset management system. This means that producers provide their content to us once. We then manage all media and associated rights, transcoding content to the correct format for each digital platform and retailer.
  • created a downloads store and media player/ download manager and an e-commerce engine for

ABC Digital innovations include being:-

  • one of only two partners providing Australian content for the Apple iTunes launch.
  • the first in the world to launch a preschool kids mobile TV channel in 2005 with 3 Mobile.
  • the first in Australia to launch a music video mobile TV channel rage with 3 Mobile and second in the world.
  • • launch partner with all key digital operators in Australia

ABC Digital has strong relationships with key industry players including digital retailers, content portals and all major telcos.