The Acquisitions team welcomes proposals from producers and/or independent production companies at any stage of production. We acquire completed programs individually or as part of a catalogue of programs. The Acquisitions team also provides a central point of contact for producers, independent production companies and sales agents working with ABC Commercial.

Our role is to:

  • Assess project proposals
  • Make recommendations regarding proposals submitted
  • Discuss distribution opportunities for Australia and worldwide
  • Discuss the type of ancillary products that ABC Commercial can create
  • Discuss the services we offer to producers and clients
  • Respond with a single ABC Commercial offer for you to consider
  • Guide you through the contracting and delivery process
  • Assist with general queries about working with ABC Commercial


Pitching your project

Please pitch your project early.

  1. How long does the assessment process take?
    • We would like to encourage you to pitch your projects allowing 4 weeks for assessment.
  2. What do I need to provide for a pitch?
    • Please provide a detailed synopsis, treatment, pilot, screener, scripts, a list of key creatives and/or the completed program as available.


To pitch your project or discuss how we can work together, please contact us via the contact us panel on the right:

  • Kate McDermott - Acquisitions Manager
  • Stephanie Tsoa-Lee - Production Co-ordinator