About Us

Each year ABC Commercial:-

  • Creates, markets and distributes over 200 ABC for Kids and ABC DVDs
  • Creates, markets and distributes over 200 kids, contemporary and classical CDs.
  • Creates and licenses more than 100 books (including children’s) and 130 audio books
  • Licenses and creates over 100 products including toys, interactive games and clothing
  • Entertains over half a million Australians at 'meet and greet' appearances, concerts and events
  • Syndicates a catalogue of over 1800 hours of content for download, online and mobile distribution
  • Produces 8 magazine titles
  • Sells a diverse program catalogue of 2000 hours of content to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Licenses ABC footage, audio & stills to clients in Australia and the US, UK, NZ, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland
  • Operates 54 ABC Shops nationwide, 109 ABC Centres and abcshop.com.au for more than 8.2 million customers

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